Summit-Special: Peace! An Outcry of Life

Cultivating an Open Heart and Non-Violence in Times of War

March 13, 2024, 19:00 – 20:30 CET (1pm EST)

» Live Online-Dialogue with Sabine Lichtenfels, Sami Awad, Gabriel Meyer-Halevy, Charles Eisenstein & Kosha Joubert

Language: English with simultaneous interpretation in German

How to participate:

If you only speak English and not German or if you just want to join the live stream for this online dialogue, you are welcome to do so by clicking on this link on March 13th:

This online dialogue is part of the 8th Pioneers of Change Online Summit (in German language). You are welcome to register for free – but the whole communication will be in german.

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The intention for this evening

How do we face the realities of war without closing our hearts, but with a worldview that goes beyond “good versus evil”? How do we bear witness to the pain and stand with our suffering brothers and sisters in the human family? What can give us hope, a new vision and direction?

Sabine Lichtenfels says: “I want the people in the Middle East to feel that we are here – they are not alone.” And: “For me it makes a big difference to make the global networks of the heart visible.”

So it was an impulse from Sabine (supported by Summit host Martin Kirchner of Pioneers of Change) to invite friends: Sami, Gabriel, Charles & Kosha, “people who have a vision for the future, who know each other and trust each other”.

About the speakers

Sabine Lichtenfels

Co-founder of the Tamera ecovillage, peace researcher, theologian and director of the Global Love School. She is a “source for female peace knowledge” and has been committed to peace in the Middle East and Colombia and to deep cooperation with nature.

» Sabines Website

Sami Awad

is the founder of Holy Land Trust, an organisation that works for the dignity and justice of all people living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea: Jews, Christians, Muslims. He works for peace through non-violent activism, personal transformation and spiritual trauma work. Sami´s grandfather was killed in 1948 and my father became a refugee at the age of nine. Sami was born in a refugee family.

Gabriel Meyer 

Musician, peace worker, writer, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator. Gabriel follows in his late father Marshall Meyer´s footsteps as a spiritual activist and radical creative prayer leader. He was given the honorary title of “true representative of the Jewish people” by the late Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi. He was initiated into the “order of disorder” by the late Zen Roshi Bernie Glassman. He learned from acclaimed Buddhist Teachers (e.g. Thich Nhat Hanh), had a private audience with the Dalai Lama, and studied with Sufi Sheiks from the Middle East & Africa as well as with Shamans from the Americas. Gabriel co-founded the Sulha Peace Project in 2001 and is currently a core member and coordinator of the “Defend the Sacred” global alliance of sacred activists, inspired by Standing Rock.

» Gabriels Website  » Gabriel on Substack

Charles Eisenstein

Cultural philosopher, author and visionary of the more beautiful life our hearts know is possible. Writes about the deep crisis of our civilisation, the birth of a new age (e.g. about a sacred economy). In his book “Climate: A new Story”, he places the climate crisis in a larger context.


Tim Martina Schäffer

beautiful guitar music, from classic to flamenco

» Tims Website


Kosha Joubert

connects communities for a sustainable world with heart and commitment. Grand Dame and former CEO of the Global Ecovillage Network, now CEO of the “Pocket Project” focussed on healing collective trauma.

Pioneers of Change Online Summit 2024 (in German language)

Lerne von >30 herausragenden Pionier:innen des Wandels

Sei dabei und hol dir Impulse u.a. von:

André SternLIVE-INTERVIEW – Initiator der Bewegung "Ökologie der Kindheit", Künstler & Gitarrenbauer
André Stern
Arawana HayashiChoreografin, Entwicklerin des Social Presencing Theater und Mitgründerin des Presencing Institute
Arawana Hayashi
Ariadne von SchirachPhilosophin, Dozentin, Bestsellerautorin
Ariadne von Schirach
Auma ObamaMutmacherin, Stiftungsgründerin, Mitglied des Weltzukunftsrates
Auma Obama
Bayo Akomolafe"Post-Aktivist", Philosoph, Geschäftsführer des Emergence Network
Bayo Akomolafe
Christian BachlerInnovativer „Wutbauer“ vom höchsten Bergbauernhof der Steiermark
Christian Bachler
Christian KrollGründer und Geschäftsführer der grünen Suchmaschine Ecosia
Christian Kroll
Christiana FigueresLeidenschaftliche Politikerin & Klimaschutzaktivistin
Christiana Figueres
Dieter DuhmPsychologe, Autor, Mitgründer des "Heilungsbiotops" Tamera
Dieter Duhm
Edith Eva EgerAuschwitz-Überlebende & Trauma-Therapeutin
Edith Eva Eger
Frédéric LalouxNew Work-Experte & Kulturwandel-Pionier, Mitgründer von
Frédéric Laloux
Gabi SchörkMutmacherin für alternative Gesundheits-Wege, Brückenbauerin für den Wandel
Gabi Schörk
Geseko von LüpkeVisionssuche-Leiter, Tiefenökologe, Politikwissenschaftler, Autor, Journalist
Geseko von Lüpke
Hellwig Bali SchinkoTherapeut, Trainer und spiritueller Begleiter, Gründer und Leiter des ARUNA Instituts
Hellwig Bali Schinko
Jascha RohrBegleiter von kokreativen Gestaltungsprozessen, Philosoph, Prozesskünstler, Gründer der CoCreation Foundation
Jascha Rohr
Jim RoughErfinder von "Dynamic Facilitation" & "Wisdom Council Process". Inspirationsquelle für die Bürgerräte
Jim Rough
Joana BreidenbachNew Work-Pionierin, Gründerin betterplace, Autorin, Expertin für digitale Innovation
Joana Breidenbach
Johannes GutmannSONNENTOR Gründer und Bio-Pionier
Johannes Gutmann
Johannes NarbeshuberSparring Partner für Management Teams, Executive Coach und Wirtschaftspsychologe
Johannes Narbeshuber
Jörg AltSozialethiker, Jesuit, Aktivist für Klimagerechtigkeit
Jörg Alt
Judith MangelsdorfGlücksforscherin und Professorin für Positive Psychologie
Judith Mangelsdorf
Kewin Comploi-TaupeTrainer & Wohnprojekt-Gründer, Projektleitung RISE!
Kewin Comploi-Taupe
Leonore GewesslerKlimaschutzministerin
Leonore Gewessler
Mari LangJournalistin, Autorin, Moderatorin & Podcasterin
Mari Lang
Matthieu RicardBuddhistischer Mönch, Mitgefühlsforscher & Gründer der Hilfsorganisation Karuna-Shechen
Matthieu Ricard
Omar Khir AlanamAutor und Poetry Slammer
Omar Khir Alanam
Reinhard HeisererMitgründer von "Jugend eine Welt" & Friedensaktivist
Reinhard Heiserer
Roshi Joan HalifaxPionierin des engagierten Buddhismus & Menschenrechts- und Klimaaktivistin
Roshi Joan Halifax
Sabine LichtenfelsFriedens- und Liebesforscherin
Sabine Lichtenfels
Shia SuMinimalistin und Zero-Waste Pionierin mit Wasteland-Rebel, Aktivistin & Bloggerin
Shia Su
Sonja-Vera SchmittQuelle und Mitgründerin der Gemeinschaft Schloss Glarisegg
Sonja-Vera Schmitt
Stefan SagmeisterVielfach ausgezeichneter Designer, Autor und Filmemacher
Stefan Sagmeister
Sylvester WalchPionier für Holotropes Atmen und Transpersonale Psychologie, Psychotherapeut, Autor
Sylvester Walch
Tanja MisiakBegleitet Veränderungsprozesse und inspiriert aktuell mit ihrem mutigen Umgang mit Krebs
Tanja Misiak
Theresia CroneKlimaaktivistin, Sprecherin von Fridays for Future D, Gründerin von EndEndoSilence
Theresia Crone
Thomas SteiningerPhilosoph, Kulturaktivist, Gründer & Herausgeber des evolve-Magazins
Thomas Steininger
Ute ScheubAutorin und Aktivistin für den ökosozialen Wandel, taz-Mitgründerin
Ute Scheub
André SternLIVE-INTERVIEW – Initiator der Bewegung "Ökologie der Kindheit", Künstler & Gitarrenbauer
André Stern
Arawana HayashiChoreografin, Entwicklerin des Social Presencing Theater und Mitgründerin des Presencing Institute
Arawana Hayashi